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MULTISESSION is leading MMDS system integrator in Middle East and African countries. In the past few years we successfully put on air more then 7 systems in Lebanon, Iraq and Africa.



MMDS system is the ideal solution for budget wireless applications.


MMDS operator can provide all possible telecommunication services to the clients from one source:

 -     Analogue TV distribution

-         Digital TV distribution

-         High speed internet services

-         IP-telephony services

-         Standard technology services

Frequency allocations can be different in each country. The most popular MMDS band in the world is 2500-2700MHz., but it is quite a lot of systems in 2000, 2700-2900, 3400-3800 MHz bands.

So, the first step of the potential MMDS operator is to get the answer from the local ministry of telecommunications what band can be obtained for MMDS license.

In case of demand for analogue TV distribution together with internet access and telephony services, quite a lot of spectrum is necessary. The standard PAL TV channel has 7 or 8 MHz width, so for example for 20 TV channels distribution will be necessary 8x20=160 MHz band.

Each internet or technology channel will also need 7 MHz spectrum.

Typical spectrum demand for the project is up to 200 MHz.

In case of digital TV distribution, spectrum demand is much less.

Usually 8-12 TV channels can be “packed” in 7 MHz band and for 50 channels distribution will be necessary to obtain 35 MHz band only.

Totally project will require 50-70 MHz bandwidth.

In August of 2002 the company MULTISESSION was the first in Lebanon to provide delivery, installation and testing WIRELESS INTERNET system for high speed access based on the existing MMDS system.













Internet FWA. Satellite & Cable & Air TV & MMDS systems.

March 2002

MULTISESSION started technical test of modern Ukrainian-made MMDS broadband transmitter. The same transmitter is used for analogue TV, technology and internet transmission. Transmitter designed by joint venture MULTISESSION and Multi Media group, the object was successfully put on air in May 2002.

At the beginning of June of 2003 (after an exhibition GEMEX-2003) MULTISESSION signed contracts for delivery of ACS encoding system for Ayn-Ebel in south Lebanon.

-August 2002 MULTISESSION installs new analogue encoding system ACS for cable TV in Kab-Elias cable in west Bekaa (Lebanon).

May 2002

MULTISESSION install MMDS broadband transmitter (Ukrainian made) in Baalbeck city, in range 2, 1-2,85 GHz (100watt) for analogue TV, and internet transmission. Transmitter produced by televideo (Ukraine) and Multi Media Group (Lebanon). We use ASC (addressable coding system). The coverage for more then 42 km.

The local distribution cable networks are under reconstruction for 5-862 MHz band on base of ASTEL equipment.

March 2003


On the 25th of March in 2003 the company MULTISESSION successfully put on air MMDS/Internet system based on VYYO    equipment delivered by company AXCERA (USA)

 -50W (digital) 60 channels, QAM-64 modulation

 -6 sectors X 60 degrees each.

 -1o upstream channels (QAM-64) 6 channels-1 MHz bandwidth each

May 2003

MULTISESSION install ACS system (addressable coding system) to Haramoun Cable, Hasbaya city in the south of Lebanon.The ACS is the best solution for such project.


MULTISESSION will be glad to assist potential MMDS operators in their projects as a system integrator. Our trained personnel can assist YOU project design, business planning, equipment delivery and installation, warranty and post warranty support.

In order to get the QUOTE, please, answer the questions below: 

1.      Company name and address

2.      contact person details

3.      country and site allocation

4.      necessary coverage area (R=XX Km)

5.      allowed frequency band

6.      Tower height for receive/transmit antenna placement

7.      Channel quantity:

-         Analogue TV

-         Digital YV

-         Internet

-         IP-telephony

-         Technology

8.      Potential subscriber quantity for TV, internet and technology services separately

9.      TV scrambling system (YES/NO).

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