Initial target markets are more then 4 cities in Lebanon which have a total population of 2,5 million people.

Company MULTISESSION is private firm.


For the last 4 years company MULTISESSION headed by Rabih Tannoury, he is 28-years old, graduated from Paris power Engineering University, faculty information technology. Mr. Tannoury has a big practical experience of management in telecommunication industry. His objective is to grow MULTISESSION to a company with a large subscriber base, good management and strong financial position and make it public in future.


MULTISESSION stuff consists of 12 employees’.

 During 2001-2003 Ukrainian engineers provided our company with technical support and organized training for our employees which helped us to get experience in equipment installation and maintenance.


Since 2001 all installation and warranty services are made only by us without foreign support. MULTISESSION also organized specialized service center and stocks a wide range of spare parts for equipment repairing.Relying on the existing experience it may be concluded that MULTISESSION has uniquely position to be the major system integrator and operator, and using it’s own telecommunication infrastructure to offer a full range of telecommunication services to the subscribers. We came to the conclusion that introduction of Internet, Data transfer and voice at MMDS networks reduces payback time of the investments in some times and our goal to concentrate on such system design.


By using own financial recourses in 2002 MULTISESSION started to finance MMDS system construction in cities Baal beck, Beirut, Hasbaya and now is a shareholder of local telecommunication companies.

 In 1998-2003 MULTISESSION install more then 100 cable TV systems in all the cities of Lebanon.


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